One-Stop Video Services

BD / 3D BD Authoring

We make it affordable to get professional Blue-ray (BD-DVD) & Stereoscopic 3D Blue-ray Authoring. We also make it easy to customize your release by adding options like 5.1 surround, custom editing, and more. Whether you're in the planning stages or putting the final touches on your project, we can provide the assistance and expertise you need to create a professional and functional product.


What is authoring?

Authoring is the process of combining materials such as video, graphics, sound, animation, documents, and files into a format suitable for viewing on the appropriate device. Such devices include but are not limited to DVD players and computers, and Internet browsers.


Chinese Translation

With a selected team of well-trained Chinese translators, who have excellent bilingual skills, culture understanding and professional proficiency, we can effectively handle your programming needs for Chinese language translation.


Mandarin Voiceover & Dubbing

Based on our supporting facilities and studio, we are able to provide global clients with the top quality Mandarin voice-over & dubbing service. The professional voice-over talents & voice actors, veteran audio engineers, and voice experienced directors altogether work out to produce the best result of the localization of the programming materials .


Chinese Subtitling

Thanks to our most experienced subtitling team along with the cutting edge applications, we are able to provide global clients with top quality Chinese subtitling services.