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A sneak peak at the Mammoth Titans on TVBS

The mammoths' living areas lie on neves in today's Siberia and European. One of the features of the mammoths drawing everyone's attention is their up-curving giant ivories. According to scientific evidences, each ivory could weigh up to 100 kilograms. Through the simulation of animation, we unveil the secrets of the giant mammoths' surviving under frigid weather and maintaining the existence of their race.

Tens of thousands of years ago, in today's eastern Asia, the mammoths were enjoying the spring grass spreading through the valley. And it also came to the season of breeding.

The mother mammoth was waving her teeth constantly and defended her children from threatens with tenacious maternity. The mammoths are formed in matriarchy. An adult mammoth can stretch to 3 to 4 meters tall and weigh approximately 4 to 6 tons. More impressively is that each ivory can be more than 100 kilograms.

The winter comes, and the mammoths inhabiting in Siberia were prepared to cross the vast frozen field to find abundant food source. The herd of mammoths would walk from north Asia to the south enduring the low temperature of minus 18 to 25 Celsius degrees. The mammoths used to live on the tundra cannot adapt themselves to the weather. The Titans were extinct while the end of the ice age. No longer to be seen on the planet.

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