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Tarbosaurus was to air on PTS Channel in August

EBS, the Korean educational broadcaster, produced this fantastic documentary film featuring the great fictional Tarbosaurus named Patch. On southern Korean peninsula, 80,000,000 years ago, during the late Cretaceous you can see a great history of ancient dinosaur kingdom throughout the amazing film.

This film contains two parts. In the first half, we could see Patch as an infant needs to protect himself before growing into a predator. The vigorous little Tarbosaurus has to confront the cold and hostile natural forces in the jungle to gain his own survival. In the second part, Patch has turned into a dictator of the wildlife kingdom. Numerous preys lost their lives in his mouth, which made him the toughest one on earth even he had to face so many difficulties ahead. However, what he has never known is the dinosaurs were mysteriously extinct in 15,000,000 years after his death.

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