Top 100 Landscapes in Taiwan

Top 100 Landscapes in Taiwan

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30 minutes X 16 Episodes (HD)
Documentary, Nature & Travel
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese


Taiwan is an island that was emerged by the compression between Eurasian Plate and Philippine Sea Plate. This force of nature had formed mountains at height of nearly 4,000 meters. The ocean surrounding Taiwan and humidly tropical climate have also shaped various landforms. Moreover, volcanoes and terrestrial heat not only contributed to distinctive geographical phenomenon but also lots of hot springs for people to enjoy. We traveled around every corner of Taiwan and recorded 100 geological spots. In this series, there are 14 routes, sorted by distinguishing features. Join us to discover Top 100 Landscapes in Taiwan.

Episodes Guide:

Taiwan Landscape Summary
Discover Datuan Volcanoes
Discover Northeast Coastline
Discover Yilan Branch Line of Central Cross highway
Majestic Scenery along Suhua Highway
East Section of Central Cross highway
North Section of East Coastline
South Section of East Coastline
South Region of East Rift Valley
Discover Hengchun Peninsula
Geological Landscape of Mud Volcano
Mudstones in Moon World
Permanent Changes Shaped by 921 Earthquake
Taan Creek and Dajia Creek
Discover Penghu Islands
Landscapes in Taiwan