Stamp World

Stamp World

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30 minutes X 12 Episodes (HD)

Category: Documentary

Language: Mandarin

Subtitle: Chinese


The world’s first stamp, Penny Black, was released in England in May 1840. From then on, every country around the globe began to publish all kinds of stamps. If you are interested in the stamps’ world, then start with a British Royal Postal official named Roland Hill.


This episode will unveil the fact of how the Penny Black was born and how the Maltese Cross Postmark looks like. We would also bring you the first stamp in China, Tiger Design Stamp of The Republic of Formosa and the earliest Postal Commercial Stamp in Taiwan.


Episodes Guide:

The History of Stamp

Precious Stamps Collection

The Development of Postal Service in China

Stamps in The People's Republic of China


Stamps in Republic of China

The Stamps in Qing Dynasty

First-Day Cover and Souvenir Sheet

Postmark and Cancellation Mark

A Variety of Stamps

Narration of the Mien of Stamps

The Stamps Collecting Tools

Practical Knowledge of Stamp Collecting